A Nantucket Engagement Session | Anna & Andrew

A Nantucket Engagement Session | Anna & Andrew

I can't imagine a sweeter couple than Anna and Andrew.  Looking at these photos brings the most heartfelt smile to my face, just as witnessing their playful, loving interactions did throughout their engagement session on Nantucket - the extraordinary island they call home and one of my favorite places on the planet.

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A Love-Filled Portrait Session on the Point Defiance Waterfront

Emily & Erik.  What can I say?  These two people are undeniably, incredibly in love.  They absolutely ADORE each other - something that is strikingly evident in these photographs.  As we wandered down Tacoma's Point Defiance Park waterfront, I don't think thirty seconds went by without a burst of laughter, a sweet glance, or tender touch.  It was delightful.  I dare you not to smile while looking through theses images!